Kapsimalis Architects is an architectural firm based in Santorini.
Established in 2012 by Alexandros Kapsimalis and Marianna Kapsimali, has taken on projects, ranging from private houses, retail and cultural spaces to larger scale hotel complexes, widely published in the international press.

“We consider that each architectural solution is related to the surrounding and is formed by it in a harmonious or a conflicting or in a totally seperate way. The different features, conditions and challenges of the place is the spark that leads each time to diverse architectural forms. We are interested in how buildings could become integral parts of the landscape. Apart from the forms and how could be developed on each place, equally compelling is how the use of each building contribute sustainably to the environment itself. We seek for the values and the customs, the old aesthetics and the pre-existing memories, the construction techniques and the materials of each place in order to show them up in a modern twist. Wishes and hidden desires of the future users are mixed with project’s background in search of a new perception of space and identity.”

Alexandros Kapsimalis, Architect Engineer
born 1986 in Athens.
Studies at National Technical University of Athens, Greece, School of Architecture, 2003-2009.
Studies at ETH, Zurich, Swiss, MAS HOUSING, 2011-2012.
Office Kapsimalis Architects since 2012.

Marianna Kapsimali, Architect Engineer
born 1988 in Athens.
Studies at National Technical University of Athens, Greece, School of Architecture, 2006-2012.
Studies at GSA, Glasgow, UK, MDes Interior Design, 2013-2014.
Office Kapsimalis Architects since 2012.


Konstantinos Kapranis, Architect Enginneer, DUTH, POLIMI

Anastasia Tsekoura, Architect Enginneer, NTUA

Stelios Rafail Sakellariou, Architect Enginneer, University of Patras

SugarVisuals, Visualization Studio

Civil Ground, Civil Enginneers Studio

ARCO, Civil & Topography Enginneers Office

Miltos Giannopoulos, Electrical-Mechanical Enginneer